Q. How can I write my first article now?

  • Ans: Select Write Article tab to write your first article. Please find below details of various article field that you need to fill in order to complete your first article.

    Title: This heading will be shown as the title of the article in the article page.

    Category: Category is the field of your topic about which you are writing the article.

    Keywords: Some of the keywords separated by a comma that is related to your article. Ex- If you are writing an article about Solar System then you can use related keywords like - solar system planets, nine planets, planet nine, 9 planets, the order of planets, 8 planets etc.

    Article: Article body together with what you see is what you get panel. This will provide you a better experience of writing an article.

Q. Can I save my article to complete later?

  • Ans: You can press Save Draft button at the bottom of the page to save your article. Then you can complete them at the later stage by clicking on notification section above or by selecting Write Article tab and submit for review.

Q. I have written an article. How to publish it?

  • Ans. Once you submit your article it will go for the review. If there will be any changes required then they will let you know. If no changes will be required then they will publish your article.

Q. Will I get any notification when my article is published?

  • Ans. You will get an email notification once your article is approved with your article link. You can also check your approved article in My Article tab.

Q. How to update article already sent for review?

  • Ans. You can go to My Article tab and select Pending Articles and then select your article to make any changes and submit for review again.

Q. My article is published. How to increase views on it?

  • Ans. Share your article with your social media account i.e. share it on facebook on your profile, your groups, twitter, whatsapp, instagram etc and ask your friends to share your article if they find it worth sharing.

Q. How can I withdraw my earnings showing in my dashboard?

  • Ans. You can request to withdraw your earning to your Paypal account through My Payment tab once your earning reached minimum threshold amount. All withdrawal requests are processed weekly on Every Tuesday.

Q. How much I can earn by my article's views?

  • Ans. You can earn upto 250$ every month from one article. You will also earn 1$ for every 1000 unique views on your articles. You can multiply your earning by posting more articles.

Q. How to earn by referring others?

  • Ans. You can refer other writers by using your referral link in Referred Users tab. You will earn on every unique views on the article written by your referred authors.

If you want to contact us for any kind of query, then create a ticket through Support tab or you can always drop us a mail at support@smilevalley.net